ATM Security

Mr. Rupert, our member concierge, sees to it that our members’ sensitive info is carefully guarded. It’s a big job but someone has to do it! First on the to-do list is shielding your personal debit/credit card information at our ATMs.

Skimming is on the rise in our local communities. Skimmers are a small device placed inside the card reader of ATMs. When ATM users slide in their card into an ATM with a skimmer, the device then saves card data to help swindlers steal your information. They can then create counterfeit cards to make purchases unbeknownst to you. The buck stops here at Kinecta.

We’re upgrading most of our Kinecta and NIX ATMs with the newest technology on the market to deter fraudsters from tampering with our ATMs and also to bring you additional peace of mind knowing that our ATMs are well-protected.

Our ATMs will have a new look, specifically to the card reader area. However, they will still be user-friendly. Here’s how it works: you’ll insert your card horizontally instead of vertically. Mind blowing!

By changing the orientation of how you insert your card, it prevents skimming devices from reading the card’s magnetic strip (which holds all the data). So stealing card data becomes more difficult. And, in the background our upgraded ATM computer software will encrypt your card information to help prevent fraudsters from capturing your data.

By bringing this new technology to you, we can help protect your valuable information while you bank with us. If you have any questions about our ATMs, just stop in the branch or call 800.854.9846.

Tip – If you happen to use other ATMs aside from those located at Kinecta or NIX, please take these precautions:

Step 1

Be aware of your surroundings and cover the PIN pad when entering your PIN at the ATM.

Step 2

Look for residue around where you insert your card, or look to see if the card reader has been tampered with.

Step 3

If you have to jam your card into the ATM, then you better take a 2nd look at the card reader.