Enhancing your benefits package—at no additional cost—makes you look positively brilliant.

As an employer, you’re always looking for ways to put more bang in your benefits package. All while keeping an eye on the bottom line, of course.

So here’s your win-win-win scenario: Partner with Kinecta, and expand your benefits package with a full line of financial services and resources. It’s a great way to help you attract and retain the best employees, all at no cost to your company. What’s more, we’ll tailor the program to match the needs of your business, and we can do it all right at the workplace.

Did we mention all of this is free? Then let’s get started!

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* The CU@WORK Partnership Program is designed for companies with 50+ employees. If your company does not fit this profile, please ask us about other ways Kinecta can serve your employees’ financial needs.