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Always looking to make your life simpler and keep your information secure, Kinecta has added Google PayTM and Samsung PayTM for use with your Kinecta debit and credit cards. Paying has never been easier or more secure.

Each payment option has a unique way of allowing you to pay without actually storing or using your credit or debit card information. So you can rest assured all your transactions are secured:

  • Google Pay creates a virtual account number which is used to represent your credit or debit card information.
  • Samsung Pay is validated by your fingerprint, iris or a PIN number and a random token is used rather than your card details.

Setting up Google Pay and Samsung Pay is easy. Simply download the app, sign in, add payment method and you’re all set!

How about Apple PayTM ? But of course, that’s still available to Kinecta members with an Apple device.

Use Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay anywhere you see these symbols when checking out.

Digital Wallet

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