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How We Safeguard Your Privacy

During turbulent times, there are always those who seek to take advantage of the situation.  As a result, Kinecta - and many other credit unions, banks, and retailers – have seen unusual online activity since the beginning of the COVID crisis.

Rest assured, Kinecta’s systems employ the latest in encryption technologies, firewall filters, denial of service protections, and bot prevention techniques to protect your personal data as well as your funds. We are proud to announce that we haven’t seen any breaches as a result.

As with all things, there are pros and cons to additional layers of security. For example, we may temporarily block transactions made in foreign countries unless we are notified in advance. To avoid this situation when you travel internationally, we want to remind you to contact Kinecta prior to your departure:

  1. Access your Online Banking profile, go to Account Dashboard, and click “Travel Notifications”

  2. Call the Member Contact Center at 800.854.9846

  3. Visit a branch using

As always, we encourage you to use a unique ID and password for your financial accounts. When you use a distinctive logon that is not used on any other websites, it makes it harder for hackers to guess your credentials or otherwise access your account.

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