Private Student Loans

Getting Ready to Apply

You can start a loan application at any time and save it in our secure system, then return later to complete it.  Partially completed applications are saved for 30 days. To apply, students and their cosigners will be asked to provide:

  • Personal information (name, address, phone, email, social security number, date of birth)
  • Student’s school information (school name and estimated graduation date)
  • Employer information
  • Gross annual income
  • Personal reference

Questions? Please call us at 866-272-0433.

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Kinecta Membership

Kinecta Private Student loans are available exclusively to Kinecta members.  Not a member?  Not a problem.   Joint on someone else’s membership?  Get your own membership…it’s easy.

First, apply for your loan.  Then click below to start your membership application for free Kinecta membership.  We will hold your membership application on file until you are approved for and accept the loan.  Prior to disbursement of your loan, we will open your membership at no cost to you, deposit $5.00 into your savings account as the minimum deposit, and mail you your membership ID and account disclosures.  You must become a member before any funds may be disbursed.  We will facilitate the membership process at the same time your loan application is processed so there is no delay.

Questions?  Please call us at 310-643-1805, option 1.

Apply Today for Kinecta membership


  1. Complete, sign and date the Kinecta Membership Application (at no cost to you).   The following sections are optional:
    •      Joint Owner Information, required only if you want a joint owner on your Kinecta membership;
    •      Beneficiary Information, required only if you want to name a beneficiary or beneficiaries for your Kinecta accounts.

  2. Complete, sign and date the Santa Monica Co-Op Membership Application (at no cost to you).  Joining the Santa Monica Co-Op is one of the convenient ways to become a member of Kinecta.
    • Leave the Co-Op # line blank.  You will be provided your Co-Op Membership number upon account opening.
    • The Joint Tenant Information section is optional, required only if you want a joint membership in the Co-Op. 

  3. Return both completed membership applications to us, either:
    • By Mail:
    Kinecta Federal Credit Union
    Attn: Consumer Lending Department
    P.O. Box 10003
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-7503

    • Or in person at any of our Member Service Centers

  4. Please retain a copy of the completed membership applications for your records. 

Note: We will cancel the free membership application if you do not accept an approved Kinecta Private Student Loan offer. However, you may apply for membership at any time through our regular new membership channels.