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Kinecta Private Student Loans

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Kinecta Private Student loans offer competitive rates with customized options to best fit your lending needs.

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Borrower Benefits

  • FREE Kinecta Membership for approved applicants
  • Competitive rates for students and cosigners with good credit
  • Customized loan options to fit your situation:
    • Repayment plans that feature fully deferred payments while in school. No monthly payments required
    • Other Repayment plan options available require that some payments start while in school. Students who start payments while in school save money on the overall cost of the loan and start to build their credit history right away
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Our easy online application can be completed in as little as 15 minutes:
    • eSign your loan, minimize your paperwork
  • A rate reduction for choosing automatic payments (ACH)
  • Graduation reward reduction in the principal
  • Rate reduction for on time payments
  • Co-signer release available
  • Adding a creditworthy cosigner may help you get a better rate

Repayment Options

Kinecta Private Student loan options include fully deferred plans as well as other deferred repayment plans that feature lower initial payments and afford students with an opportunity to focus on academic studies while in school.

Starting payments while in school is an important step to building your credit history and it helps reduce the overall cost of a private student loan.  Based on the credit review, you may qualify for up to 3 repayment plans.  It’s important to keep up with your monthly payments and make sure you evaluate the estimates we provide so you can choose the right plan for your situation.

Keep in mind that the overall cost of your loan will be lower if you choose the Immediate Repayment plan and if you choose a shorter repayment term.  The Immediate Repayment plan also qualifies you for additional borrower benefits that can reduce the cost of your loan over time.